The Science Behind COVID-19 with Dr. William Haseltine

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - Dr. William Haseltine discusses the science behind COVID-19 and what it will take to stop it.

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Dr. Willian Haseltine is a pioneer in biotechnology with his works on cancer, HIV/AIDS, and genomics. He’s currently the chair and president of Access Health International, where he is dedicated to ensuring that quantum advancements in medical technology translate to improved health outcomes around the world. In September 2019, he chaired the US China Health Summit in Wuhan, China, an exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences between healthcare leaders of both countries. Today, he discusses the science of COVID-19 and some misconceptions about the disease.

Dr. Haseltine addresses a number of fallacies that have spread about COVID-19, about the origins of the disease itself, the spread of the disease in China and the efforts they are making to curb its effects, and what can be understood from antibody testing. His concerns, though, are with the realities of COVID-19’s impact here in the US, and the infrastructure that he argues should be in place to limit exposure, namely contact tracing. He goes on to discuss the work necessary to test a vaccine, and what we’ve learned from the previous epidemics of polio and HIV.

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