Governor Jared Polis of Colorado shares his perspective as a Governor managing the COVID-19 Crisis

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - Governor's are shouldering a heavy load given the lack of federal coordination. Hear how one governor has been managing.

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Governor Jared Polis of Colorado is an entrepreneur, education leader, and public servant. By the time he had turned 30, he’d launched three successful companies, including ProFlowers, one of the world’s leading online flower retailers. He was elected to Congress in 2008, and was elected Governor in 2018. Today, he discusses the efforts being made by his state to curb the effects of COVID-19, how the crisis management systems already in place have needed to adjust to the current crisis, and how Colorado’s two biggest industries, tourism and energy, have been impacted.

Colorado has emergency command centers in place that have been prepared to battle floods and fires, and Governor Polis discusses the additions to those centers - such as public health officials, epidemiologists, etc - that were brought in to battle the unique needs of the COVID-19 crisis. Part of that adaptation includes the acquisition of PPE and COVID tests to prepare to reopen the state with mass testing. He goes on to lament the lack of transparency and available information from the federal government, and the lack of direction from the administration on the reopening of interstate travel and commerce. As he explains, the ideal path forward is one of maximum productivity while maintaining minimum proximity.

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