Former FEMA Director, Craig Fugate

Friday, May 1, 2020 - Craig Fugate has been handling crises his entire career. Hear his perspective on the handling of COVID-19.

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Craig Fugate is one of the world’s leading experts in emergency and crisis management, having served as President Obama’s FEMA. During his tenure, he led the agency through more than 500 presidentially declared major disasters and emergencies. He also guided U.S. assistance in international disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti and the Fukushima nuclear meltodwn in Japan. Today, he discusses the administration’s crisis management of the COVID-19 pandemic, what has been done, and what should be done going forward.

Craig Fugate explains why Pandemics are a fundamentally different beast than other similar disaster like a hurricane. This virus isn’t just hitting one part of the country. It’s hitting everywhere and that’s why Fugate believes Washington play a strong coordinating role and accelerate the work to roll out a massive national testing program.

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