Dr. Kenneth Davis, President and CEO of Mount Sinai Health System

Monday, April 27, 2020 - Mount Sinai is at the heart of COVID-19 and they are responding to more than just the virus.

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Trained in psychiatry and pharmacology, Dr. Kenneth Davis became president and CEO of Mount Sinai Health system in 2003. He is in a unique position to speak about the impact of COVID-19 as many of his nurses and doctors are on the front lines of fighting it in New York. Today, he discusses how his team is managing the pressure, the financial pressure this crisis is putting on hospitals, which treatments are showing early promise in patients and where New York and the nation go from here.

Dr. Davis describes a war-like atmosphere in his hospitals, with beds in hallways and healthcare workers of every specialty, from dermatology to ophthalmology, joining COVID teams. With profitable elective treatments and surgeries cancelled or delated, hospitals like Mount Sinai are losing hundreds of millions of dollars, even as its teams are stretched to the limit. Our frontline health care providers are truly doing heroic work but as Dr. Davis explains, they desperately need more help from government.

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