Dan Doctoroff, CEO of Sidewalk Labs, on the Impact of Infrastructure after COVID-19

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - Dan Doctoroff is the guy Mike Bloomberg called after 9/11 to help rebuild the city. Now he's weighing in on how cities will change after Coronavirus.

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Dan Doctoroff joins Gridlock Break to discuss city planning after COVID-19
Dan Doctoroff joins Gridlock Break to discuss city planning after COVID-19

Dan Doctoroff was deputy mayor of New York City for Economic Development and Rebuilding under Michael Bloomberg, taking office right after 9/11. After that, he was the CEO and President of Bloomberg LP, the leading provider of news to the global financial community. He is now the CEO of Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation company he founded in partnership with Google that develops products, services and platforms to help make cities become more efficient. He recently wrote an OpEd in The New York Times about the path to recovery in New York City, which he discusses today. 

As you heard Dan Doctoroff explain, New York City had to transform after 9/11. But he believes we need a much bigger transformation in the wake of this pandemic. Even as cities develop new technologies and processes to improve hygiene and preparadness, Doctoroff thinks we wil need even more innovation to make cities more sustainable, affordable and livable. 

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